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The layers that make up a unique place are endless...

Discover them with eXplorins, a new way to discover the city through your phone:
People, places, and their stories.

Who are we?


eXplorins is like an attractive urban plaza: dynamic, rebel, and visionary. Its soul evokes the discovery and rediscovery of unique places, inspirational characters, and enduring stories told by friends, colleagues, families, and neighbors. 

It is a multicultural social circle that reveals its wealth in the constant recomposition of its many elements. Through this change of perspective we achieve a different way of understanding. For us, that diversity is the true essence of what we are.

The Brothers Grimm 3.0
We're going neighborhood to neighborhood collecting stories
from the people who have lived them to create eXploritellings

Every emotion has its own place, or as we prefer to say, every place has its own emotion. That said, there is an infinite number of different views and perspectives on the same place. And in the end the combination of all these layers of views is what truly makes the city so unique. The city is made up of its people and stories. Its those that live, create, change… and also forget, if we’re not careful.

Word of mouth has been the means of communication since our ancestors, but sadly, that method has inevitably lost many stories along the way. That’s why more than 200 years ago the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected the most popular stories to recount in their books. This way stories can be shared as a common good and transcend through generations. 

Team eXplorins

Our team is full of curious and crazy characters wanting to create a #eXplorinsWorld

At eXplorins, we identify with these traditions and see ourselves as the Brothers Grimm 3.0
We're having a go at making our own modern version of recording the tales of the town, but one where we can all participate and all share a unique space.

Why do we decide to make it happen?

Because we not only have the passion but we also have the perfect formula to make it work:

We all have a story, an idea, or an emotion to share.

eXplorins converts your content into an adventure through the streets - a real life, spatial storytelling.

This way, you create your own stories that endure and transform any space into somewhere with meaning. Because to really feel something, you have to live it.

In addition, participating in eXplorins contributes visibility and funding for social projects inside our local community.

Join and create your own routes

Share with everyone your unique way of see the world, while your eXploritellings provide visibility and financing to the activities, businesses and places in your neighborhood or city. 

Types of routes:

Basic Route

FREE for everyone ¡Share your unique what to see the world!

  • FREE for creators
  • FREE for explorers
  • Multimedia basic on route and stops
  • Maps 1 option

Your routes give visibility to the activities, businesses and places in your neighborhood or city

€ Route

Earn money with € routes for explorers Route with valuable content? Choose €

  • FREE for creators
  • Payment route for explorers
  • Multimedia gallery photos on spots
  • Video on route and spots
  • Maps + cool options

All paid routes have a value of 6,99 € and each time your route is sold the price is distributed in 3 thirds between: Creator, Social projects in the community and Platform 

Pro* Route

Win visibility for your project or business with Pro* routes free for explorers

  • Premium Creator profile
  • FREE for explorers
  • Multimedia gallery photos on spots
  • Videos on ruta and spots
  • Maps + cool options
  • Statistics

If you want all your cool content to be free for the explorers, go premium

What do you get for being a Creator?

Route for FREE - Everyone nice and happy

You get the fame and the feel-good about sharing with everyone your unique way of seeing the world. All the while your eXploritellings are bringing visibility to activities, businesses, and places in your neighborhood and city.

Route with price:

YOU: Every time somebody picks your route you will receive 1/3 of the payment.

A Social Project will receive 1/3 of the price to keep on working on improvements for local communities.

Our Platform will receive 1/3 of the price for maintenance and to improve our service.


Frequently questions

eXplorins' Concepts

We are an App of discovery journeys created by the community and shared for all. Our creative hub and base of operations is in Barcelona.

We eXploriners are those who love to discover new unique places, stories, and people.

We are those that dare to launch into the adventure of eXploring and we love the unknown, surprising road.


eXploritelling! These are the product of the art of designing routes so that others can eXplore, following a theme that links different corners inside the city. 

Its like a perfect playlist that lets you enjoy the combination of of singular, unique places. 

You can follow all the routes yourself, with the help of your mobile and at any time you want. The author of the route has uploaded his instructions to our platform so you can enjoy it at any time.

  • You can explore all our routes in the “Explore routes” section and use the filters to find the ones that interest you most.
  • When you like a route you can save it in your user profile (if you don’t have a profile yet you can create it at the moment – it’s totally free)
  • Once a route is saved in your profile, you can start the route at any time.

Indeed, you have to be connected to the internet so you can follow the route. But don’t worry, you can always access your route again in case there is a problem with the connection.

The eXploriner benefits from:

  • Discover new places.
  • Know more about an unknown subject, and try new activities.
  • Support and give visibility to local businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • (Re) discover the city.

Route Creators

Any person or organisation who could be an eXpert in a certain subject, or simply someone who is passionate and creative enough that wants to share their special places from their perspective. 

What are you an expert in? What are you passionate about?

    Creating a route in the basic version is completely free and allows you to use the vast majority of the possibilities offered by our route creator.

    If you want to improve your route with extras such as videos, direct links to other websites etc., you will need to pay a fee to make it Premium.

    1. Creating a route in the basic version is completely free and allows you to use the vast majority of the POSSIBILITIES offered by our route creator.
    2. If you want to improve your route with extras such as videos, direct links to Other Websites etc., you must pay a fee to make it Premium.

    The process is very easy, but we also attach a “Step by step” of how to create a route in detail hola@explorins.com

    You can modify your route at any time before publishing it, as it will be saved as “Save Draft”, and you can always go back and modify it.

    Once published, you can also save it again as “Draft”, modify it and – when the result convinces you – you can publish it again.

      Yes, the route is yours and you can remove it from the list whenever you like.

      The only exception is if your route has a cost to it, where in that case we are committed to keeping that route available for 30 days so that those who have purchased it are able to use it. 

      All the rights of the route belong to the creator.

      This means that any content (text, photos, media) is always yours. Here at eXplorins we have no interest in using your content for anything other than the promotion and function of our platform.

      This also implies that the creators are responsible for the content, information, and media that they have included with their route. For more detailed information, please consult our conditions for creators

      The creators benefit:

      • The fame of your project.
      • Visibility for your activity and the topics that matter to you.
      • Invite other users to discover your passion.
      • The great pleasure of sharing with everyone your unique way of seeing the world.
      • Provide visibility to activities, shops and spaces in your neighborhood or city

      Social Responsibility

      We all, creators, eXploriners, and the platform itself, contribute to the visibility of our community and neighborhood. 

      Those nonprofits that respond to the needs of the community, and the real people that create them.

      We collaborate with projects where the people are the focus, where everything revolves around the community and how to build a better society for everyone. 

      More information about our current projects that we’re working with is available in our Project Section on our blog. 

      We are constantly looking for social projects to which we can add collaboration, if this is your case, contact us at: hola@explorins.com

      Aware of the importance of maintaining sustainable tourism development, and assumed the principles and objectives specifically adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development 2015, COP 21 and the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism + 20, Explorins PMW, SL is committed to bringing carry out a sustainable management of its activities, by adopting commitments aimed at preventing, eliminating or reducing the impact of our facilities and activities, both internal and external, as well as optimizing the sustainability of the establishment by improving its behavior with the environment.

      In this same sense, our entity has adopted the following Responsible Tourism Policy, by means of which it undertakes to comply with the requirements established in the BIOSPHERE membership, which includes, among other things, the legal requirements that regulate the effects generated by tourism activity .

      Likewise, we are committed to motivating and training our staff with training and awareness actions on the principles of Responsible Tourism, to promote good environmental practices in the environment and participate in external activities, and to report both internally and externally on the progress and environmental actions of the company.

      In the same way, our establishment expresses the express commitment to fight against sexual exploitation or any other form of commercial exploitation and harassment, in particular of children, adolescents, women and minorities; and we are committed to adopting universal accessibility measures.

      One of our main objectives is to perfect sustainable management, assuming continuous improvement commitments in all areas of sustainability: social, economic and environmental, as well as customer satisfaction. For this, future expansion projects of facilities or activities will be subject to sustainability and efficiency criteria in the use of resources.

      This Responsible Tourism Policy will be updated whenever circumstances require, adopting and publishing new sustainability objectives in both cases.

      Suggestions and incidents

      We take the wellbeing of the local community very seriously. We don’t allow any routes published that may cause any type of conflict. Even so, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any negative effects, as we can’t control everything. That said, we ask the neighborhood to contact us directly in the case of any incident:  


      We are committed to investigating every case as soon as possible. In the instance that the situation cannot be resolved immediately, the route will be taken down while the appropriate process is completed.

        If any problem with the platform comes up while following a route, we suggest that you first close and restart the app. Then, from your profile, you can continue the route from wherever you left off. If the problem continues, please contact us directly and we will help:


        So you like the routes? Fantastic! So do we. We’re doing our best to provide the most routes possible. The layers of the city never end, as do the opportunities for more routes. We would love to hear more about your likes, hobbies, and general interests in order to make more eXploring happen, so shoot us an email:


          We’ll always be happy to speak with you about ways to improve our platform and hear about your experience:



            Avenida F. Cambó, 17 
            08003 Barcelona 

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